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Episode One - Lennart Biernath interviewing Terry Shussler

No one else wears the Magenta T on their chest with so much passion, pride, and enthusiasm. He owns over 30,000 comics, but fortunately for us, he no longer chases comic heroes but rather the latest technology trends.

Episode Two - Terry Schussler interviewing Lennart Biernath

Our next guest loves all sports and hates superficial conversations. He lives in the city with the world’s most famous bridge, which is not in Germany. Watch the video and see who can´t be ruffled by anything.

Episode Three - Nadine Koenig interviewing Antje-Susan Metz

Our next guest has lived in different parts of the world, making her such an open-minded person. See for yourself who this #rocknroll person is, and who knows, maybe you'll meet her on Twin Peaks hill looking at the San Francisco skyline.

Episode Four - Nadine Koenig interviewing Oliver Naumann

He is one of the most down-to-earth and fashionable colleagues in our GPD family. He always enjoys soccer games with his colleagues and loves the city of Bonn.

Episode Five - Lucia Choi interviewing Dillon Seo

The national specialty of the country our next guest comes from is Kimchi. Have you ever tried it? Do not miss this episode because today’s coffee date tells us very honestly about his successes and failures - and why he is best relaxed while gaming. 

Episode Six - Dillon Seo interviewing Lucia Choi

Have you ever heard of the KaTalk app? Or do you know a place called Uyuni, and can you tell us what's special about it? If not, you are like us and should not miss this exciting coffee talk with this ENFP.

Episode Seven - Nadine Koenig interviewing David Schmidt

Our next guest is an honest “Kölsche Jung.” He aims to spend a day with the current Disney CEO to talk to him about digitization. No, it’s not Micky Mouse. Watch the video and see who this extremely likable family man and Disney fan is...

Episode Eight – Nadine Koenig interviewing Sven von Aschwege

Our next guest is known for seeing the world from different perspectives, but we would never have thought he also has truly political interests…

Episode Nine - Jerzy Grzesiak interviewing Anna Piwowarczyk

From discovering a little-known sport, we didn't even know existed to finding out which city is the 'New York' of Asia. This new episode is full of surprises, but that's not all. Our very special interviewee is helping underprivileged children reach for the stars. And that's something extraordinary. Interested in finding out how?

Episode Ten - Anna Piwowarczyk interviewing Jerzy Grzesiak

Our interview guest claims to be an introvert as well as an extrovert. Not only would he consider life as a monk, but he enjoys nature as much as working in an office. Dive into the colorful world of our new interviewee.

Episode Eleven – Lisa Neunkirchen interviewing Dee Kaul

You will meet someone who joined the team in the middle of the pandemic and therefore is one of the newest arrivals in the Group Partnering & Devices family. Always in a good mood and with his distinctive entertaining and courteous manner, he is the perfect guest for our first coffee talk

Episode Twelve – Lisa Neunkirchen interviewing Brigitte Schildener

Our next interviewee is someone who usually avoids the spotlight but is still known to everyone within GPD. She has lived in various places around the world and has thus gotten to know different cultures very well. Nothing can make her lose her calm, and “solid as a rock” probably describes our next guest best.

Episode Thirteen – Nadine Koenig interviewing Lisa Neunkirchen

Our next interviewee finds herself funny and is always in a good mood. But don't let that fool you; she loves challenges and is more potent than she appears…

Episode Eighteen – Ewa Frydlewicz interviewing Gabriela Brodzińska

Let us take you into the secrets of our cheerful colleagues in Krakow and learn more about their personal stories and dreams ..... In this episode we talk about the power of fear. We hear why the Krakow marketplace can be a place of nightmares and what flying objects get caught in your hair. Take a moment to find out what we mean.

This episode has its own flow! Immerse yourself in the world of Bartoz and Wojciech and find out whether car enthusiast Bartoz can imagine a city like Krakow in 30 years without cars and how he taught himself to read before he started school. You will hardly believe it... A very warm, at eye-level conversation that you shouldn't miss.

Episode Sixteen – Wojciech Pawlak interviewing Bartosz Gajewski

Episode Fifteen – Nadine König interviewing Bettina Peter

In this episode, we would like to draw your attention to a particularly remarkable woman. We have deliberately chosen to present this episode in the week of International Women's Day because we feel she deserves a special place. Let´s find out why she thinks of herself as brave. And she also tells us why she looks up to her grandmother and how much of an athlete she really is. Want to know more?

Episode Fourteen – Nadine König interviewing Markus von Blumröder

In a relaxed conversation, we learned more about a colleague who lives by the motto: "The best day is today.” Inspiring, don’t you think? To find out if this is always a good idea and to hear what else he has to say, check out this episode of Coffee Talk with Markus von Blumröder!

Episode Seventeen – Bartosz Gajewski interviewing Wojciech Pawlak

Our guest today is a night owl and finds that the best time of day is between 11pm and midnight. What exactly does he do then, what does the abbreviation FOMO stand for and what fears are involved?  If you've ever wanted to know, don't miss this interesting Coffee talk. Watch this inspiring episode of our “Coffee Talks with...” series right now!

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