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Example One: The Sustainability Pilot Program
Deutsche Telekom's Sustainability Goal

Committed to reducing our environmental impact, Deutsche Telekom aimed to adopt sustainable practices and technologies throughout our operations.

Startup's Eco-Friendly Innovation

StartUP X, leaders in eco-friendly innovation, joined forces with Deutsche Telekom to co-create and test groundbreaking solutions designed to meet our sustainability objectives.

Co-Developed PoC for Sustainability

Through collaborative efforts, Deutsche Telekom and StartUp X developed a Proof of Concept (PoC) that underwent rigorous testing, paving the way for a sustainable transformation before a full-scale implementation.

Example Two: Personalizing Experiences Through Trials
Deutsche Telekom's Personalization Challenge

Centered around the goal of infusing personalization into user interactions, Deutsche Telekom recognized the need for innovative solutions to tailor services and content for individual users.

A.I.-Powered Personalization Innovation

Enter StartUp Y, renowned for AI-powered personalization innovation. This forward-thinking startup collaborated with Deutsche Telekom to co-develop and test transformative solutions designed to revolutionize how telecom services are personalized for each user.

Co-Development Closed Market Trial

Deutsche Telekom and StartUp Y executed a closed market trial, enabling real-world testing and refinement of the co-developed solution — a crucial step before a full-scale market launch. The trial showcased the power of AI-driven personalization in enhancing user experiences and laid the foundation for a new era of tailored telecom services.

Example Three: 5G Prototyping
Deutsche Telekom's Network Enhancement Imperative

In response to the growing demand for advanced network capabilities, Deutsche Telekom recognized the necessity to prioritize the development of innovative solutions to enhance their network infrastructure, particularly in the realm of 5G.

Cutting-Edge 5G Technology

Enter StartUp Z, equipped with cutting-edge 5G technology. This innovative startup collaborated closely with Deutsche Telekom to co-engineer and prototype solutions aimed at advancing the capabilities of 5G networks.

Co-Developed MVP for 5G

The collaboration bore fruit in the rapid development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for 5G — a tangible prototype that underwent rigorous testing and validation. This marked a crucial step before progressing towards a comprehensive market strategy, showcasing the power of partnership in advancing network technologies.

Example Four: Revolutionizing On Device Experiences (ODE)
Deutsche Telekom's ODE Enhancement Goal

With the aim of enhancing on-device experiences for users, Deutsche Telekom prioritized the development of solutions that would bring innovation directly to users' devices, improving usability and performance.

Revolutionizing On-The-Go Interaction

Enter StartUp A, specializing in On Device Experience innovation. Collaborating closely with Deutsche Telekom, StartUp A co-engineered and prototyped solutions aimed at revolutionizing device level engagement and elevating user satisfaction.

Co-Development ODE Prototype

The collaboration resulted in the rapid development of a prototype for an On Device Experience solution — a tangible product designed to bring a new level of innovation to users' devices. This prototype underwent thorough validation, showcasing the potential of ODE enhancements before progressing towards comprehensive market integration. This collaboration marked a significant stride in bringing cutting-edge on-device innovations to users across Austria and Hungary.

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