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Deutsche Telekom is changing trajectories and becoming a software company that sells telecommunications services. One thing is clear: Whether it involves the company’s products and services, market approach, production, or processes, Deutsche Telekom has to digitalize in all areas to continue the successful journey it started years ago. With its footprint in Europe and the United States, it is ideally positioned to do so. Its aim is to become the Leading Digital Telco.


Lead in digital life and work

Customers should always have the best network experience, anytime, anyplace, no matter whether they’re in the fixed network, the mobile network, or using alternative access technologies. Deutsche Telekom wants its products and services to enable its customers to participate in an increasingly digitalized society in both their personal and professional lives – for example, when working from home. Achieving seamless interaction between its products is its primary objective. In the future, they will be context-aware and personalized. In other words, the networks and services will adapt to a customer’s current situation – whether that customer is a gamer, a drone pilot, or an employee working from home. To this end, Deutsche Telekom will be converging all the necessary data in future and establish advanced data analytics and AI capabilities.

Lead in business productivity

Deutsche Telekom also wants to be the first choice in future for multinational companies with international connectivity requirements – specifically, being where the customers are. To do so, the company is strengthening its delivery capabilities for premium internet access. Software-based services are expanding its product portfolio. In the future, companies will be able to link their international subsidiaries with their corporate networks with just a few clicks, for example. Deutsche Telekom is positioning itself as a preferred digitalization partner for business customers. Security by design will play a key role here.

Magenta Advantage

Alongside its core business, Deutsche Telekom is developing new digital business models, based on its existing reach and other differentiating aspects. More than 240 million mobile customers and numerous shops worldwide alone open up enormous potential. Deutsche Telekom wants to make digital services from partner companies available to its customers. Everyone will benefit from this step. Consumers will have access to fantastic exclusive offers. Partner companies will flourish. We create the "Magenta Advantage" for our customers, partners and Deutsche Telekom itself!

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